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The Velvet Pure range of supplements are all 100% Pure and Natural Deer Velvet and available Online Here. Velvet Pure Supplements are derived from New Zealand’s Finest Deer Velvet, Deer Velvet contains no additives or preservatives and are beneficial supplements for both Humans and Animals.

Asian people consider Deer Velvet to support the restoration of normal body processes, Nourish Qi Energy (Life Energy}

Our products are Velvet Pure Canine Capsules, Deer Antler Chews, Equine Powder, Immune Supplement, Athletic Supplement, Collagen Skin Supplement, Joint Supplement and Sheeps Milk Powder.

Deer Antler Velvet is unique in that it grows each spring, is cast in the late winter and replaced the following spring by the same natural process. So deer velvet antler is not only powerful and a product unique in the animal kingdom but it can be considered as a renewable resource. It can be removed annually with no harm to the animal.

When you purchase Deer Velvet by Velvet Pure you can be confident that the products you receive are;

  •   Velvet Pure Deer Velvet is Grown in a clean natural environment
  •   Velvet Pure Deer Velvet is Consistently high quality, genuine and reliable
  •   Velvet Pure Deer Velvet Compliant with New Zealand Safety Standards
  •   Velvet Pure,/strong> Deer Velvet is Produced with no harm to the animals

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